Branded Content.

We devise and produce content for the entire funnel combining 4 factors: data and research methodology -to acquire a deep knowledge of the target people and address stories and approaches based on real experiences-, coherence with the brand story and action -storytelling and storydoing-, creativity -to achieve uniqueness and relevance-, and, finally, multitask -to reach people wherever they are-.

And always with a focus on people. We never talk about users, targets, consumers, employees, influencers… We create genuine and original content to connect emotionally with people around the brand wherever they are.

adverti- sing.

We devise and produce all advertising formats for your media plan. Spots for cinema and television, digital advertising, paid media, ambient.

corporate content.

Communicate from purpose by connecting all your stakeholders around it. Introduce new products and services by putting the user at the centre of the experience. Maximise the use of content to channel it through all brand channels.

Live & Hibrid Events y metaverso.

We take public relations experiences to the omni-channel. We combine creativity, technology and production to generate memorable events and experiences that transcend physical or temporal barriers.

We apply these solutions to all brand stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, media or people in general.

Non-fiction content.

We develop and produce documentaries, docuseries, short films and factual products based on non-fiction stories. Our team works in synergy with the Communication, Strategic Planning and Data Intelligent areas of MIG Prisma in the research of real stories that move, impact or make people think, produced with rigour and a narrative in tune with the new audiences, coherent with the brand strategy and with the potential to be exploited in on-demand platforms.

content. new

As a result of our development, in 2022 MIG Tack! will tackle the creation of fictional content based on our own ideas or in collaboration with other scriptwriters.

the content factory

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